Tuesday, February 28, 2012


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The sun is bright in the sky today, but the weather channel is calling for snow on Thursday.
It has been clear and calm the past couple nights and the Bigs have slept out side, with the option of their run ins. We have had a mild winter, but still have almost a month to get through to spring.
Today I will prepare for snow.
Currently I have the stalls empty of shavings and the barn windows are open .
Preparing for snow will mean bringing fresh clean bedding in, as well as extra hay.
 I will fill five gallon buckets with water, for use when the hydrant and hose freeze.
On Thursday morning the horses will get a little extra corn ,while the Bloodhounds will be given a hot breakfast of kibble and rice and the kennels will get new dry blankets. I counting the days till forsythia bloom.

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