Monday, December 19, 2011

Frozen Kisses

We walked out of the house this morning to start barn chores and the siding was coated with frost .A new low five degrees add breaking ice from water buckets. The barn was toasty worm , two Big Belgians tend to fuel the fire. We fed grain and gave a quick brushing before bringing the horses out to pasture. On the walk from the barn to the pasture Jake gave me a big kiss, that froze instantly. These are the days when wet kisses, thoughts of spring and baby Calv's keep you going. The chickens seem to be cozy in their new house, we wont see eggs now til spring. The oven will be home to a noce roasting chicken today, that will be hot stock tomorrow. I think we will be ordering some meat birds.Bobby and Keri brought me some wonderful gardening gifts, can't wait to start planning the 2012 garden .

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