Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Job Well Done



On my "to do list" this week was cleaning harnesses. I started on Sunday, and a debate took place. I was going to use orange oil's Bob wanted neatsfoot.In an act of surrender I drove to Meadres Supply on Monday and I asked advice, and was directed to harness oil. I purchased a gallon and scrubbed Nickels harness Monday and Tuesday.Today I scrubbed Jake's harness. I hied help! Bob and I take great pride in running this farm, but lately it is running us.Recently the must do has over powered the would like to do.We would like to go riding, but must mow the lawn... Today I hied help. I posted an ad (quite some time ago) for "barn help" .So far I have had a family of 3 with a dog,a14 yr old who "watches his Mom take riding lessons "a 35 yr.old unemployed nurse and one16 yr old apply..I chose the 16 year old, The deciding factor was not the age or the experience,but the plea . Alic        e mailed me (with his teacher as a reference and said "if you please give me a chance, I will try and work hard and you can tell me if I'm not a good fit". Today I paid him less than 25.00 and he filled every ones pools/waters did some weeding n trimming, scrubbed the dog kennels...worked very hard for 3 hours. While the whole time I scrubbed harnesses. What is a fair price for time to do what you want? Priceless
I can do with out Dunkin ' for free time on my farm.

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