Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bring on the rain

Happy July 4th week!
I love work weeks that start with a Monday Off Holiday!
Can you believe it is already Wednesday.

The weather tells me that we are going into summer full speed . The 3 H's are here! HAZY, HOT AND HUMID!

Although I love this type of weather, my oversized critters are not crazy about it!

         The fans in the barns and run ins are going non stop!
                Around here life is all about creature comfort.
We are expecting thunder storms tonight, the lawn sure can use a drink.
The garden  is growing so fast, I swear I can hear it!
 When the weather turns this humid, the weeds grow even faster than the veggies!

Frozen Margarita Pops (from So. Beach Food Fest)

1/2 cup tequila

6 lime all-fruit frozen pops

Margarita salt or kosher salt


Pour the tequila into a tall and narrow glass. Remove the frozen pops from their wrappers and submerge them 1 at a time in the glass of tequila, tilting the glass to completely moisten the entire popsicle. Sprinkle each side of the frozen pops with some salt and then arrange the pops on a plate and serve immediately.

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