Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Modern Technology

Modern Technology , has been a hassle the past couple days. On Monday afternoon the sun was shining,so the big boys were able to go out in the back pasture. They only get out back to graze under dry sunny conditions as their weight , just destroys the ground if wet.They looked so happy I took photo's. When I came in to share the photo's my USB cord to my camera was no good. Yesterday I went out in the rain and purchased a new cord. When I returned the weather was so bad the Internet was down. This morning I thought I would share the photo's before I go out to the farmers market. After some time of unplugging , rebooting, and calling tech support we are back up. So here are three day old photo's hope they were worth the wait. Now I am off to Portland Farmers Market, to see what yummy stuff I can find for Bob's Birthday dinner.

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