Thursday, July 2, 2009

double trouble

We had a pretty peaceful night, considering the addition. This morning we released Joe Jo with Mini Sparks, they went crazy! They ran and kicked and jumped and slid in the mud. They are so happy to have each other. YAY You can not really see Joe Jo's handsome colors, he's a Blondie paint coverd in mud. Four baths are to follow. Last week end I bathed the hounds, in Audrey's honor. I felt so bad that she passed dirty , that I washed the boys on the one sunny day. I had been putting dog baths off for my vacation but I was sadly reminded , some times you should not wait till tomorrow. Tonight I am going to get Huck and do a rain dance , so Keri will see the sun on her Birthday tomorrow. (warning we have no dance skills)


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the rain dance Huck! It worked because I had a beautiful day for my birthday! Bobby and I send our love to the whole gang!

Anonymous said...

hey its kylie thanks for taking good care of joe jo i cant wait to come see him