Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Confession of a Foodie

I am here to make a confession.
I have decided I am going to have to change The Menu.
You see Bob and I do not really have plans for the holiday...
We are going to stay home this 4th of July, unless the hay farmer calls and reports the hay is ready.
We are not expecting any company, and for that reason when I wrote the menu I made no special plans.

As the holiday approaches, I just can not control my self. I am not capable of staying home on a holiday and not preparing a holiday meal. For this reason I am changing the menu, we will be having Local Fresh Maine Lobster. I purchased "a bakers dozen" (yes 13 lobster) from a local lobster man for 55.00. I do realize this may seem a bit crazy, but "in case" some one stops in I want enough to share and if not I'll shuck n freeze for chowder.

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