Saturday, December 13, 2008


We got the horses fed and the dogs walked and out early, then we went for a ride. I needed to pick up the Clubs News letter at Staples and then it was off to Andy's. Andy's was cold , without power,he added the shopping list up on scrap paper. The post office was also without power. We took some back roads, and checked out what the storm had done. We are very thankful for the generator. We had seen folks at the river filling buckets,with water. It would have been very tough to have all the animals and no heat or water for 32 hrs. The horse's never got out side , so much ice it is not safe. Every one did get out and groomed,even Mini.

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Rocco the BT said...

Wow, pretty unbelievable. Sounds like you'll at least have some good stories to tell. No ice here, we just got a lot of rain for two days, but at least it was 50s-60s. You're cat is huge by the way, what do they feed them up in Maine?? :) Rocco and Dexter say Hi and they hope to see you soon.