Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Berr Cold

Tonight it is supposed to get cold / about 30. Hard to believe when I got home from work it was beautiful. Bobby was on Nickel while I started dinner,then I took Nickel for a ride. The horses feel the cold air, Nickel was very spunky. After dinner we started a fire and picked 2 huge bags of tomatoes,don't want to loose them to frost.We covered the herbs with tarps, hope to bring inside this week end. Mini is tucked in his stall, and the dogs and cats are in. Pig and Nickel are still sleeping out side, Nickel loves being out.

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Rocco the BT said...

Mini looks very handsome and happy. I expect Bobby will be announcing he is moving to Maine any day now as he seems to fit right in. Wish I was sitting outside by the fire with Dad-looks like a good place to read a book :)