Thursday, August 28, 2008

Holiday Week end

Summer is winding down here in Maine Labor Day week end/although from the perspective of a "transplant" it barely even got started. Tomorrow ends the third week in 3 months that we've had 4 consecutive days without rain of some kind, and it's only the second week since May that we've had seasonable heat.It was beautiful the week of the move , however we were too tiered to enjoy. Not that I'm complaining about the move, it's the endless rain that was hard on human and creatures alike. With fall just around the corner, we have some big plans to get underway before winter. First up: getting the generator up and running after all the rain we know we can not be without power. A walk to the door is a must , to slow down the dirt in the house and the dog kennels need a washable pad. We are still in the process of getting Nickel acclimated to his new paddock, he has gotten use to the wild turkeys but is still spooked by some of the neighbor noise , or trail riders from time to time. Nickels size some times makes it difficult to remember that he is only 3, a good reminder this week when he lost a front tooth.

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